Here goes!

I never really thought of myself as a ‘blogger’ per se, but since the birth of our beautiful son I have come across more and more blogs written by parents who have inspired me to start my own.

Harry Robert Nixon was born at 9.11pm on Thursday 22nd December 2011 with Down’s Syndrome and our journey began, albeit in a slightly different direction to the one we planned.

There are still so many prejudices surrounding Down’s Syndrome, born almost always out of ignorance and fear, that I wanted to try and spread the positive awareness that people like Tom Bachofner¬†are promoting.

There are, and indeed have been, so many facets to Harry’s short life so far that this blog will try to encompass them all. I will attempt to keep things on track chronologically but I can’t promise. There may even be occasional flashes of humour. What I do hope is that I can illustrate how much joy Harry brings to our lives every day.